Do-It-Yourself Marketing

Need some inspiration? Here are 20 do-it-yourself marketing ideas:

  1. Define your Ideal Client
  2. Create a unique selling proposition
  3. Find your niche
  4. Design and schedule a webinar for your target market
  5. Get listed in online industry directories
  6. Comment on blog posts
  7. Get out in your community to promote yourself
  8. Toot your own horn
  9. Monitor your online reputation
  10. Join a professional organization
  11. Start reviewing your website analytics
  12. Review and redesign your business card
  13. Develop  relationships through social media
  14. Start writing and submitting articles online
  15. Create an elevator pitch
  16. Start thinking about holiday gifts for your clients
  17. Start a blog for your business
  18. Find conferences and networking events you can attend
  19. Write and submit a press release
  20. Focus on word of mouth marketing.