Content Marketing Tips

Aristotle was the father of content marketing, but you can do it too.
You may simply need to find inspiration from blogs, books, articles and events around you.

Get Known as an Expert in a Niche Community

Are you creating compelling stories (ideas, articles, informative presentations or videos) that are picked up and shared person-to-person via social networking sites or within niche communities? If not, observe successful entrepreneurs in your niche and find out how they have become experts and what has contributed to their success. Participate in discussions, create conversations and relationships that help you become an expert and share your ideas.

Offer Pleasant Surprises to Create Viral Marketing

Surprising your clients is worth your time, since it gives you an opportunity to exceed their expectations and satisfied customers will be back. It is not hard to come up with a special offer or free complimentary service, you can always add something remarkable to your product. The level of expectations changes fast these days, you have to be creative and continuously find new ways to “over deliver” so that your customers keep having new reasons to talk about you.

Become and Stay Referable

Never stop learning how to be better and more efficient at what you do. Always welcome opportunities to meet and help other small business owners. You will learn from them, also share your expertise and they will refer you as they get to know, like and trust you. Find time in your busy day to send thank you cards and notes to people who have made a difference in your life. Create great content and share links to you content – make it effortless for your loyal clients to provide information about you, your products and services.  If you become and stay referable, business will come to you.