What Happens in Vegas Does Not Have to Stay in Vegas

I am attending New Media Expo 2014 in Las Vegas. Enjoyed all keynotes and sessions today – posting some notes that may help other aspiring writers (bloggers).

Lee Ogden’s 10 Lessons Learned from 10 Years of Blogging:

1. Be specific – stand for something.
2. Know your readers / customers. Discover their pain points.
3. No plan = plan to fail.
4. Optimize and socialize the journey to your content. Validate. Think how your blog visitors find your content.
5. Great content isn’t great until it is discovered and shared. Be the best answer.
6. Use content to bond with your audience.
7. Look beyond yourself. Leverage community for content.
8. Whatever can be found in search can be optimized.
9. Your blog is as interesting / useful as your audience thinks. Ask. Recognize. Think.
10. Optimize for customer – attract, engage, convert.

Intentional Leadership Expert Michael Hyatt (5 Elements of a Powerful, Personal Brand): Make invisible visible, use descriptive images. Create a consistent experience. Have a compelling brand slogan that communicates what you do – how you solve problems.

Paula Pant (The Art of Crafting Jaw-Dropping Content): Use “sandwich model” for writing blog posts. Provide a close-up, then wide angle (data), and end with a close up (face of your story).

Great advice – keep learning.

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